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Permit Information

The UT Police Department is responsible for issuing and collecting permits, collecting recurring permit fees and maintaining all permit records.

Parking permits will not be renewed if any unpaid campus citations exist. Permits purchased through payroll deduction plans will be cancelled on September 1 if any unpaid citations are on file for the permit holder. Any permit that is cancelled or allowed to expire, for citations or any other purpose, will cause the permit holder to forfeit any preferred parking assignment that is in effect. Renewal of parking permits on or before August 31 of each year will allow the current parking assignment to continue in effect. Parking permit renewals requested after September 1 of each year will be issued solely based on availability. Forfeited special parking assignments will automatically be made available to individuals on the parking service office waitlist.

Fee ScheduleSalaried Employee PriceStudent Price
Zone 1 Reserved$74.91 Monthly$899 Annual
Zone 1 Non-Reserved$46.83 Monthly$562 Annual
Zone 2 Reserved$53.58 Monthly$643 Annual
Zone 2 Non-Reserved$34.00 Monthly$408 Annual
Zone 3 Non-Reserved$17.00 Monthly$204 Annual
Zone 4 Non-Reserved$8.50 Monthly$102 Annual
Zone 5 Non-Reserved$7.25 Monthly$87 Annual
Motorcycle$4.83 Monthly$58 Annual
Other ParkingPrice
Official Business$29.00 Annual
Retirees$29.00 Annual
Visiting ParkingPrice
30 minutes or lessFree
31 minutes to 1 hour$1.25
1 to 2 hours$2.25
2 to 3 hours$3.25
3 to 4 hours$4.25
4 to 5 hours$5.25
5+ hours$6.00
Lost ticket$6.00
Continuing EducationPrice
Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 5:00 pm$6.00 per day per vehicle
Outside events after 5:00 pm & weekends$10.00

Frequently asked questions

Can I park in reserved parking spaces on the weekends?

Reserved surface area spaces are available on the weekends. However, parking rules, regulations and time zone restrictions in parking garages and disabled spaces are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How fast can I drive on campus?

The speed limit on roadways and in parking lots is 15 mph and 5 mph in garages.  This is strictly enforced.

I got a ticket. What do I do?

You must pay the citation or file an appeal within 10 calendar days. Either action can be taken online or in person at the parking service with an appointment.

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