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Patrol Division

Police Officers

When people think of a police department and its police officers, they are envisioning patrol operations. These patrol operations include officers in squad cars patrolling their districts, communicating on mobile radios and responding to calls for service. However, there is a difference between that vision and our department. In addition to the traditional model of cruising in a patrol car until the next radio call comes in, our officers are also community police, liaison officers and field training officers. They are visiting off-campus locations, assisting with special events, helping visitors to our campus and participating in charitable organizations like Gifts for Children and the Special Olympics. Even though they are participating in all of these duties and activities, they get the call when you dial 9-1-1 or our non-emergency number, 210-567-2800.

The responsibilities of patrol officers are diverse. They include preventive and directed patrol, conducting initial preliminary investigations, offender apprehension and victim assistance. In addition, they conduct crime scene control & investigation, drafting of reports, make court appearances, provide support for special events, and when assigned, case follow-up investigations. Patrol officers also conduct daily foot patrols on the interior and exterior areas of the campus. This activity provides closer contact with the public and assists in the deterrence of criminal activity. The patrol officer is the first responding presence to any situation and it is the patrol officer that forms the public’s image of our police department. We are very proud of our patrol officers and all that they do every day and night to make our community a safe place to teach, learn, research and visit.

Public Safety Officers

The public safety unit of UT Police is staffed with trained public safety professionals whose primary objective is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campuses.

Public safety officers are the front-line ambassadors for UT Health San Antonio. As one of the most visible units of the police department, their public relations skills extend from greeting each person driving onto our campuses, working special events, and providing directions and information to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

These officers are trained in First Aid and CPR and are equipped with two-way radios. They work closely with police personnel patrolling campus buildings and parking lots, staff entry control stations at campus roadway entrances, issue parking citations and generally handle non-police related issues.

In addition, they can provide students, faculty and staff with an escort to anywhere on campus through the Safe Walk program and motorist assistance for vehicle lock-outs, dead batteries, flat tires and vehicles that have run out of fuel.

Contact UT Police


Campus Phone 911

Cell Phone 210-567-8911


Campus Phone 72800, option 3

Cell Phone 210-567-2800, option 3

Communication Center

The communication center is the nerve center of all university police and security operations.