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Campus Carry: Possible Implementation Options

From the Campus Carry Working Group Summary Report

  • Identify exclusion zones by building use, and consider an entire building or openly contiguous buildings to be deemed an exclusion if the use of the building(s) meets a narrowly tailored set of criteria. Buildings would have appropriate signage, in accordance with Texas Penal Code § 30.06.


  • Identify exclusion zones within laboratory, clinical spaces, or office environments rather than buildings as a whole. Leadership for these spaces would make the identification, based on the allowable criteria. Each individual space would be identified by the head of that unit and reported to facilities so appropriate signage under Texas Penal Code § 30.06 can be displayed at the entrance to that space.


  • Determine that access to potential exclusion zones is sufficiently restricted to public access, through current practice, and that no further action would be needed.

Wherever potential exclusion zones are identified, CHL holders would not be allowed into those restricted spaces while carrying their weapon and would be responsible for securing their weapon in a legal manner as they do with any other organization that posts signage congruent with Texas Penal Code § 30.06.

The accompanying table is a summary inventory of buildings where HSC business is conducted. (See Appendix E.) The inventory was used to develop options for identifying which buildings could be open to CHL holders and which buildings might be eligible for exclusion from CHL holders, if the possible exclusion zones from the UT System document were adopted. Buildings not highlighted on the list could be open to CHL holders. Buildings highlighted on the list could be eligible for exclusion from CHL holders, depending on the criteria used for determining potential exclusion zones. In the latter cases, and where buildings may have mixed use, the specific implementation protocols would have to be determined. This inventory is coded for the purposes of discussion only, and is subject to change.

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