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Campus Carry: UT System and UT Health San Antonio Working Groups

From the Campus Carry Working Group Summary Report

UT System Level

To assist in the implementation process, a working group was formed that consisted of at least one representative from each UT institution and representatives of UT System administration. The charge to the UT System Working Group was to discuss the law and its interpretation, share information and perspectives, and to develop recommendations for facilities common to many campuses. The guiding principles used by the UT System Working Group were:

  1. Follow the law.
  2. Focus on safety.
  3. Strive for a campus environment in which students, staff, and faculty can focus on their studies, research, and work with minimal distraction.

UT Health San Antonio Level

UT Health San Antonio also established a campus working group, based on consultation and nominations from shared governance groups such as the Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, and Student Government Association, as well as volunteers from the HSC community. Thirty-one persons participated in the UT Health San Antonio Working Group discussions. Seven meetings were held between September and November, with participation available in person, telephonically, and via video conferencing.

The UT Health San Antonio Working Group received input from multiple sources: Open Forums hosted by President Henrich; questions directed to the President’s website (Conversation with the President), stakeholder group surveys developed by individual members of the work group for their specific constituent groups, and informal stakeholder discussions guided through shared governance groups such as the Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, and Student Government Association. These comments were shared at the campus working group meetings. The Working Group also received documentation related to concealed handgun licensee training. (See Appendix C for the informal stakeholder group surveys and Appendix D for other reference materials.)

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