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ID Badges and Card Access

ID Badges

UT Police is responsible for all ID badges regardless of location. The access control supervisor is responsible for providingcard access and maintains all records. The parking staff issues IDs and collects fees.


  • $4 fee for a cosmetic change to ID badge (i.e. Name change because of marriage or picture change)
  • $4 replacement fee for an abused ID badge/access card (UT Police will determine if an ID has been abused)
  • $10 fee for student ID badge/access card
  • $10 replacement fee for a lost or stolen ID badge/access card
  • $10 fee for anyone with the designation of “person of interest” to include:
    • Residents
    • Clinical adjunct faculty
    • Contractors
    • Temporary agents
    • Visiting students
    • UT others
  • No fee for initial ID badge/access card for UT Health San Antonio faculty and staff members

Frequently asked questions

Can I have more than one ID badge/access card?

No. You are only authorized one ID badge/access card regardless of how many positions you hold.

How many credentials may I have on my ID badge/access card?

Per HOP 8.7.10 – Standard acronyms indicating licensure, registration, certification, or doctoral degree required by the employee’s position or pertinent to the work performed (e.g.: CPA, CR, DDS, DVM, LVN, MD, MSW, MT (ASCP), PA, PhD, RN, RPh). Due to space limitations, restrictions may apply.

What do the different color classifications on ID badges mean?

There are seven colors used for ID badges/access cards:

  • Green – Department chairs or directors (VIPs)
  • Blue – University Police
  • Orange – Faculty,staff and stipend
  • Red – Contractors or persons of interest (POI; Conducting business on university property for more than 72 hours. Not faculty, staff or student.)
  • Brown – Students and visiting students
  • Yellow – Clinical faculty, emeritus, researchers and residents

Card access

The university police department is responsible for electronic access through doors on all UT Health San Antonio properties owned or leased.The access control supervisor is responsible for authenticating all access requests, establishing and revoking access and maintaining all electronic access records.

Keys & Access

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