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Keys Information

UT Police is responsible for issuing and collecting keys on all UT Health San Antonio property regardless of their location.


  • $10 fee per key for anyone with the designation of “person of interest”
  • $25 replacement fee for each lost or stolen master key (any master)
  • $10 replacement fee for each lost or stolen standard key
  • $4 replacement fee for abused keys (UT Police will determine if a key has been abused)
  • $10 fee per individual key report for keys issued

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to process a key request?

A key request is generally processed within 72 hours of receipt, however, we estimate taking seven business days during times of increased demand, such as student registration.

How long are completed key requests held?

A key request is held for 15 days, per HOP 8.7.9, after which the keys are returned to filing and the request is closed out.

Where are keys picked up and returned?

The Police Annex next to the university bookstore, under garage B.

Can someone else pick up my keys?

No. The only person who can sign for the keys is the person who will be responsible for the keys.

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